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Expected results

Expected results

The main result expected from this project is the recuperation of local populations of four aquatic fauna species of community interest (Unio elongatulus, Emys orbicularis, Mauremys leprosa y Barbus meridionalis), that are currently on the verge of extinction in the SCI of Banyoles lake and its surroundings. On the other hand, a general improvement in the waterside habitats is being sought (Codis 7210*, 6420, 92A0, 91E0* y 3290) and of the habitats of submerged vegetation (Codis 3150 y 3140).

It is also hoped that the activities result in a widespread recuperation of the aquatic biodiversity of the area,  especially of numerous species of macroinvertebrates and amphibians negatively affected by the exotic fish populations, of which several are species of European interest that today are already increasingly rare (Oxygastra curtisii, Triturus marmoratus, Alytes obstetricans, Pelobates cultripes, Bufo calamita and Hyla meridionalis).

The creation of a laboratory for the reproduction of mussels Unio elongatulus will, in the short term, allow the acquisition of the knowledge necessary to instigate future interventions to improve these populations in the lake, as well as starting to boost the numbers of this very threatened species in the area.

The preparation of protocols, management plans and technical records that are a clear reference for this natural space and other spaces with similar problems on a European level. These documents will be disseminated through the web page of the Consorci de l’Estany (Consortium formed by the County Council of Girona, Generalitat de Catyalunya, and the town councils of Porqueres and Banyoles). Another notable milestone is the increase in public awareness of the serious environmental problem posed by invasive species,  as well as the strengthening of respect for the natural value of the Lake, through various means of sensitization and dissemination.

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