LIFE Technical Office

The LIFE Technical Office was created to manage the LIFE Nature project (LIFE08 NAT/E/000078) for the Improving the Habitats and Species of Banyoles Natura 2000: A Demonstrative Project

The Technical Office is part of the Intermunicipal Management Organ of the lake area, the Consorci de l’Estany, which had to be created for the joint management of a LIFE03 project between the town councils of Porqueres and Banyoles.

Organisational chart

The Project Organisational chart is as follows:

Technical coordinador: Carry out, coordinate, control and follow-up planned work. Preparing technical activity reports, interim and final. Supervisory technician for the project. Part-time work on the project.

Technical specialist: Design work protocols, coordination and participation in the fishing programmes and responsible for all the work dedicated to the recuperation of fish stocks and the follow-up to work carried out. Part-time.

Technician: Carry out support tasks for the project's activities, such as preparing protocols, informative material, seminars, raising awareness, field work, management of the mussel nursery, etc.

Communication technicians:Two communication technicians with the role of raising awareness and disseminating information about the project, and the planning and running of the exhibition (Action D3). Two people contracted part-time for 18 months.

Administration: Support the project's financial controller and the corresponding administrative tasks that are generated in the development of the project. Two part-time staff members.

Field workers: Two workers will carry out field tasks for the project, fish, set traps, maintain equipment and the facilities, and control the mussel nursery among other things.

Interns: Students from universities and other centres that collaborate in carrying out the work.